South of United State’s Gastronomy

South United States’ gastronomy is known as the regional cooking of the States, generally at the south of Mason-Dixon’s line and at Texas’ east. The most notable influences come from the English, Scottish, Irish, French, Native American, Afro-American and, in a lesser degree, Spanish cooking. Styles like soul, creole, cajún, lowcountry and <<floribeña>> are some examples. In not so long age, different elements of the southern cooking have spread out towards the north, affecting this way, the development of other kinds of American cooking.

A lot of elements like the pumpkin, the tomato, the corn (and his by-products, including the semolina), as well as the traditional BBQ on the floor, were inherit from the south-east native tribes, like the caddo, the Choctaw and the semolina. A lot of dishes with sugar, flour, milk, egg (many kind of baked and milky products, like bread and cheese) are more associated with Europe. The southern propensity of a complete breakfast (front the continental one, with an only bread and a drink) come from the English breakfast. Nevertheless, it was substantially modified. Much of the cajún and creole cooking are based on the French one and, in a lesser degree, Spanish cooking. The <<floribeña>> is more similar to the Spanish one, with obvious Caribbean influences, meanwhile the Tex-Mex has considerable Mexican and native touches.

The southern cooking thoroughly changes depending of its region.

In the south of Luisiana there is the creole and cajún cooking. Luisiana is also a great spicy sauces producer with its chilli pepper, as well as the biggest supplier of crab in the country. Rice was important and historical crop in the North and South Carolina coastal zones. That way, giving origin a local specialities like the Hoppin’ John (a mix of rice and caupí, seasoned with salty pig) and the Charleston red rice. Despite North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas specially stand out for their own BBQ varieties, this is extremely popular in all south with its local variants. Virginia outlines not only for its hams, but also for its important apples and peanuts production.

Oklahoma has its reputation thanks to its based on cereals and beans dishes, like the cornbread & beans or the popular breakfast dish, biscuits & gravy. Mississippi specialises in the catfish breeding, which can be found at the traditional fish houses. Arkansas is the first rice producer of all the country, and it also emphasizes for the catfish, the pig BBQ in restaurants and for the chicken. Maryland is known for its blue and soft shell crabs, and for its Smith Island cake. Florida is home of the acid lime cake and the fan palm. The oranges juice is a typical drink of the State. Georgia is famous for its peaches, pacanas, peanuts and Vidalia onions.

The apalaches zones have leeks (onion and similar) and berries in abundance. Kentucky is famous for its burgoo and beer cheese. Texas is specialised in chili, while the Brunswick stew came from the south oriental zones. In general, many high south parts are more specialised in pig, sorghum and whisky, while the rural coastal zones are famous for its shellfish (prawns and crabs), rice and corn semolina. The south occidental areas like Texas and Oklahoma tend toward beef.

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